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     Sun Energy Group was founded in 2018 by reorganizing an energy company that supplies power to enterprises, agricultural corporations and large shopping mall, and has successfully positioned itself on the Ukrainian market for 14 year. 

      The aim of the company is to invest in and develop renewable energy projects in Eastern Europe and CIS. At present the Company is operating in Ukraine developing a portfolio of projects concentrating primarily on solar energy. We are also researching other sources of renewable energy such as wind and biomass.

     "Our mission is to create comfortable living conditions and ensure sustainable growth using renewable energy of the nature."

      Our management team has vast experience in engineering and finance, which, combined with our hands-on renewable energy development experience, as well as with the wide network of our industry partners worldwide, provides us with the necessary capacity and motivation to deliver high quality projects from inception to maturity.

     The Company invests both its own equity, as well as closely cooperates with international financial institutions, to date having signed several deals and sourced funding.