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Sun Energy Group develops, constructs, owns and operates renewable energy assets in developing markets. The Company focuses on selective development of medium size grid-connected power plants up to 20 MWp, but has the capability and resources to realize larger projects.

A renewable energy power plant generates stable long term cash flows based on predictable power production levels and pre-defined prices in long term power purchase agreements or feed-in-tariff schemes. Potential upside is possible through overproduction, refinancing, sales of carbon credits and residual value beyond the normal term of the PPAs.

To date the Company has been growing organically, developing projects from purely greenfield stage.

After identifying potentially attractive sites and opportunities, detailed assessment of the grid capacity, energy resource potential, as well as land and other infrastructure availability is performed. The company’s engineers, property specialists and legal experts provide optimal and tailor-made solutions to make any investment and development cost-effective and attractive both for the our shareholders and the local community.

Our in-house resources allow implementation of:

  • feasibility study
  • technical grid assessment
  • land zoning and allocation
  • project planning, design and yield evaluation
  • finance structuring, debt and/or equity
  • contracts & contractors’ assessment
  • construction oversight and management